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Alas! Here at the frontline of the future, our journey finds its way to limitless possibilities.  An image, created and carried by Freshman, will impact how the world -- past, present and future -- will unfold. In turn, much will spill over chapter upon chapter of moments, tales and emotions. Soaring through mirrors of history, we will reshape the past by creating windows of perception. Opinions will be molded and mangled, copied and pasted, refuted and disputed, and maybe even reach a consensus.  We will jump-start learning to whole new heights -- whether it be growing up on the marshes and having a benefactor, to traveling with the Greeks and soaring with the gods, to having a medical crisis and/or the impact of having one, to being a judge and determining what is ethical, or to witnessing, from the benches of the grand Globe Theatre, the elements of a tragedy.  From our perspective the “box” never looked so good, whether inside or out of it. We will begin and end on an impact. This is our 9th grade English class, and the true question is -- are you ready for it?