Garcia, Laurie

Laurie Garcia

Hello, welcome to my "landing page!"   I am still working on migrating all of my content to this new website. For now, please click here to go to my old site.

Just a couple brief pieces of information, in case you don't need my entire website -

This year I am teaching English III and AP Language and Composition.  I am working on integrating more of the idea of the "flipped classroom" into my everyday class philosophy. So, students will be making use of my website more and more.  I love the idea of the teacher as the facilitator of learning.  In this day and age in which the collective learning of the human race is only a few clicks away, I find that a teacher's job is becoming more and more about helping students to learn how to sort through the information and make use of that which is most important to them.  Ultimately, students still have to know how to read, process information and write well though - those fundamentals will never change.

I earned my Bachelors of Arts degree in English and American Literature from The University of Texas at El Paso. I am currently working on my Masters in English Literature.

My conference periods are 2nd period and 7th period.