Thummel, Katherine

Hello and Welcome! I am Katherine Thummel,B.S.N.,R.N. I graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with my Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1994. I also received my Health Science and Technology Teacher Certification in 2014. I am presently teaching the Dual Credit EPCC/ VN program for 11th graders, Pre -AP Anatomy and Physiology and 10th grade Health Science. I love the profession of nursing and I love teaching!!!
       Graduating well rounded students is an instructional leader’s goal.  Having my students be proficient in academic, socialization and emotional skills will facilitate this endeavor.
       Becoming a teacher has always been one of my wishes. Teaching nursing skills is my dreams come true. I have completed my fourth year of teaching and have actually experienced the beauty in the teaching profession.  If I can empower my students to value doing preventive medicine my goal will be achieved.

     As a lifelong learner and true believer that education is power I will forever want to enhance my knowledge base in the area of nursing and the delivery of instruction. Therefore, I recognize I will have strengths and areas to grow in order to become a master teacher. Strengths that I possess are:

  • Wanting to learn
  • Possess a positive and healthy attitude
  • Being enthusiastic
  • Being an effective communicator
  • Having a supportive family

     Talents that I bring to the profession are:

  • Experiencing approximately 21 successful years of hands on nursing in hospital/school settings
  • Being a high school nurse for approximately 6 good years at the high school level.
  • Completing my fourth year as a HST Clinical Rotation Teacher at Silva Health Magnet High School. (Was named Teacher of the Month.)
  • Having the personality to have my students want to attend my classes.
  • Being a role model to my students who have a strong desire to join the medical field.

Looking to enhancing my experience is my bright future.

     A bright classroom that welcomes my students will be decorated with topics that will be covered throughout the course. Moreover, the aura will be one that is welcoming. One will also see the tools of the trade laid out in the classroom. Student work and accomplishments will be recognized on bulletin boards. As one passes by my room one will hear whole group discussions pertaining to the course objective of the day. ALSO as my campus administrator does their walkthroughs and observations they note students are all actively participating and meeting success while enjoying it. Respect for each other and the curriculum will easily be observed. My classroom will be productive.

      The longer I teach my philosophy will be transforming in order to keep up with current nursing procedures and state teaching standards.

Katherine Thummel

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